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Natural wood is a magical material that creates a cozy home atmosphere and harmony, gently fits into any style of interior.

For furniture production we use glued solid wood: oak, maple, ash and etc. Furniture made of this wood is resistant and durable. With a tree, any kind of home can be turned into a paradise or like a magnificent mansion - all we have to do is to use what nature offers us in a smart way.

We also design, manufacture and install various wooden stairs. Stairs can be made of pine, ash, oak, maple and larch. Exclusive design solid wood products, made by spacial requests will decorate not only the interior but will also give uniqueness and comfort to your home.

We can offer you traditional, classical, art-deco or modern style wooden products, which will give you naturalness, ecology, warmth and comfort for many years upfront. Our solid wood furniture, stairs, inside doors and other interior details are unique and long lasting, which will write your home story from generation to generation.


Solid wood furniture helps to create a comfortable home environment from living room to kitchen or bathroom. Wooden furniture is often chosen by people who values naturalness, ecology and enduring interior value.

Classical style furniture:

Classical style furniture is usually carved, combined with metal and/or glass elements, painted. Our furniture is made using glued pine wood panel, but using a special coloring method we can simulate the colors of walnut, oak, cherry and other luxurious wood species.

Aged furniture:

These furniture are handmande, fluttering with ancient Lithuanian or Norwegian traditions. Craftsmanship and special coloring give the impression of an old time and cozy furniture comfort. We can decorate with ethnic motives depending to one or another region’s traditions.


Wood is an ideal material for staircase, because its light, durable and long lasting. Thanks to modern technology the wood is easy to process, allowing you to make various shapes for stairs.

Stairs – is not only the main path connecting different floors of the house, but also it is unique interior detail, which greatly adjust the face of the house, whether its internal or external staircase.

Stairs must be practical, safe and functional.

We design, manufacture and install various wooden stairs of pine, ash, oak, maple and larch.

Wooden inside doors

Inside doors are made of oak, ash, pine. Solid wood doors can be made in any style, all depends on customers requests.

Doors made of high quality wood will serve for many years. Solid wood doors can be restored over time, its more resistant to mechanical damage.