We offer you timber frame / panel and monilithic houses, flat substructure and all of it are by scandinavian quality.

Our home quality is guaranteed by:
Experience: 15 years of construntion of panel houses in Scandinavia and Europe.
Responsibility: EU, Norwegian and Lithuanian construction standards.
Professionalism: our employees constantly update their professional knowledge, apply modern technologies at work, which are learned from our Scandinavian partners.

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Panel houses
Panel houses are probably the fastest way to build your own house. The panels are made within 2-3 weeks, and the house is build within 1 month (or even shorter!).  Surely, you will still need time to set up the house, but…if you will start your home construction in summer, your Christmas Eve dinner will be served at your own NEW HOME.

Statistics announce thet 90% individual homes in Scandinavia are panel / timber frame homes. We all know that Scandinavians are practical people, so they want long lasting and solid homes to live in for a 100 years without any worries!

The panel houses has earned recognition and the reasons are:

Economical. According to expert estimates, if you will compare panel house construction to other houses, first ones will cost approximately 20-25% less.

Quick and easy to built
. Panel houses can be adapted to any project by customer’s requests. When wall set arrives from manufactory to construction site, the house is assembled by mobile crane.  The main building and roof of 100m2 in total are done within 5 days.

Long lasting
. Modern panel house construction technologies ensure that  the house is suitablefor a living for at least one hundred years. Which means that in panel house could live couple of your generations.
Solid. During the construction of panel houses all house structures are calculated and selected to withstand heavy loads or even big snow loads. Whatever happens outside, you will definitely feel safe inside.
Warm. The walls of panel house are insulated with wool insulation layer, for that reason they require less energy to heat than the masonry house, also the heat remains longer. By living in a panel house you can cut the cost of heating.

. Eco-friendly and natural materials are used to build panel houses, which makes it healthier to live in, because the air is cleaner and less drained. Living in an ecological house you and your family are less likely to suffer from allrgies, you become more resistant to colds and flu.

Easy to maintain
. You can choose your own exterior of your panel house. For example, Scandinavians usually choose siding, which only needs to be repainted every 5-10 years, and Lithuanians often choose finishing tiles. Choosing the second option to cover your panel house it would be hard to tell if its masonry house or not.

MODEK LTD.,  offers you the most convenient way to build a panel house – “up to the key”.Our experienced and professional employees will not only build your house but will take care of the installations and facing. Just in a few months you will have to take your keys to your new home.

Construction. We can build all types of buildings: from the garage to individual house or other various projects.

Installation of panel houses. Company can install the house heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical systems, also can take care of all exterior and interior decorations, all of it by customers request.

Guaratees: MODEK LTD., provides a 5 year guaratee for all performed work building a panel house, and a 10 year guaratee for invisible house structures. 
Monolithic houses
We use the world famous Durisol blocks for monolithic houses.

Durisol production is tested material over 50 years. Durisol products are manufactured worldwide, they are used for various construction schemes and are labeled as “green product”. Durisol products allow quicken construction thet protect against heat and humid climates, natural disasters (fires, bombs, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). Only processed stock and materials are used to produce Durisol products. Durisol products have many shapes that covers the full range of reinforced concrete forms.

Durisol structure – it is insulation and concrete forming system, which offers sound and fire protection. Walls of the building are fitted with individual modular elements by Durisol, which interconnect in a dry manner, then fitting are added and fill concrete. Durisol products allow various thicknesses and shapes, are flexible, friendly to any design varieties and are easily adaptable to every construction case (building walls and partitions, basement walls and partitions, overlay systems, sound walls) using it either to commercial, either to residentian or industrial construction.

Durisol products are uzsed worldwide since 1950s. They are used in all types of construction to lighten and speed up construction, also there is ability to build buildings that are resistant to muisture. Durisol system allows to build building up to 26 floors. The thermal characteristics of the "Durisol" exterior walls U is 0,19 m²K / W as standard, but it is very easy to reach U values from 0,15 m²K / W to 0,1 m²K / W. Durisol products allow you to save up to 30% of exploitation and construction cost in comparison with tradicional construction methods.
What is unique about flat substructure system?

Flat substructure is a solid structure. It is pured info special foam molds that completely isolates the base plate from direct contact with the soil. This way you can avoid cold bridges and deformation of substructure. The flat substructure holds the building with an entire plane rather than separate segments. Due to this advantage your building will never “move”, it will remain stable and solid.

MODEK combines innovative technologies and follow to long lasting tradicions. Flat substructure are constanlty upgraded, which is why it is easy to adapt to defferent climates. Substructure facing, the layout of the floor heating and the adjustment of the system are carried out acoording to the customers requests. Flat substructure is designed considering to the specific features of the soil and the structure of the building. Western and Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, etc. have greatly appreciated the economics and ecology of flat substructure. In neighboring Poland flat substructure system is currently the fastest growing.

Advantages of flat substructure by MODEK:
  • It is not necessary to dig deep hole for substructurenot to spoil environment on and around the construction site;
  • The substructure are fitted together with the finished socle facing;
  • Minimum thermal resistance if flat substructure – 5,2. Substructure plates are made of thermal insulating material and works as heat accumulator (thermosetting principle);
  • The substructure are fully insulated and isolated from direct contact with the soil.
  • Flat substructure do not allow to penetrate the freeze under the substructure. This is why it will never be raised, these substrubtures do not shed;
  • Before installing the flat substructure, first we concrete and flatten the base plate, completely preparing it for a ground floot covering;
  • Flat substructure distribute building loads evenly;
  • Flat substructure is applied in difficult soil conditions.;
  • If needed the floor heating system is installed at the same time, saving time and money;
  • Saves time and money for construction;
  • Saves heating energy.
Like all ubstructures, MODEK also requires good drainage for superficial water. In all cases of foundation installation, ground investigations are required because each material - sand, clay or loam - has specific features of resistance. Depending on whether the house is carcass, masonry  or wooden, the weight of its constructions differs. When you set the resistance of the soil you can find out what weight it can withstand. The designer, after calculations, determines not only the place where it is best to lay the substructure, but also the necessary deepening of substructure.