Cabins is mostly associated with rest, relaxation, good and comfortable free time.
We can offer several types of camp-houses, so the customer can choose the most suitable option for his needs and preferences. Our produced timber frame, log and Stavlaft cabins meet the highest standards of this type of home. People in Lithuania, Norway, Sweden are already enjoying these homes. 


Timber frame Cabins

Timber frame cabins are produced in a company’s manufactory with a complete exterior. This type of cabins are produced in just in few weeks. It is 2-3 times faster than other construction methods.

Timber frame cabins is the most economical and fastest way to build a house.

Log Cabins
Log Cabinbs  - it is ecological, durable, cozy homes, produced and built using traditional Norwegian technologies. Logging house oriented to higher added value, masters handmade masterpiece and the most close to nature construction. The additional decors, carving details will be a symbol of luxury.

Advantages of log cabins: natural material, traditions, harmony with nature, good heat and noise isolation, natural moisture balance at home. All of this positively affects the person.

We produce and build: individual logging houses, cabins, saunas, garages and other various buildings under customers requests. We use traditional Lithuanian and Scandinavian methods and technologies for the construction of logging houses. We use specially selected and dried logs, therefore our houses are tight and warm and also meets all esthetic and technical requirements for modern buildings. Our homes can be found in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania.
We can decorate logging houses with special decorative elememts regarding to one or another region traditions.
We produce houses in 4-8 months, we build it in 4-12 weeks, depending on the size, layout and used decoration materials. 
Stavlaft Cabins

Stavlaft cabins is a combination of logging and carcass houses, very popular in Norway.

Stavlaft building system is more resistant to winds than traditional single logging construction. Stavlaft technology house is the most solid, tight and esthetically authentic building result.