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Building materials

We work only with reliable and well known worldwide brands, such as Hunton, Pavatex, Masonite, etc. We are strict in terms of quality of materials, therefore we choose time tested solutions.  These building materials are characterized by its long lasting, durability, high technological features


Hunton wood fiber panels have the following characteristics:

  • Protects from wind and moisture (has windproof and duffusive coating inone);
  • Permeable to air, but impermeable to moisture;
  • Panel resistant to mold/fungus, have anti-allergic  features ensuring a healthy indoor climate;
  • Light weight, easy to work with.

Pavatex wood fiber panels have the following characteristics:

  • High quality, ecological;
  • Are produced in accordance with principles of taking care of nature;
  • Highest production standards that guarantee safety, reliability, durability;
  • Maintains the right temperature, protects from mold, external noise.

Masonite beams have the following characteristics:

  • Saves energy, protects from frost (low cold bridges);
  • Easy to install, stable, secure;
  • Light weight, resistant to external damage;
  • Beautiful design, economical and reliable solution.