About Us

Our activity started in wood recycling industry and export to Germany, Netherlands and Japan since 1994. Later we complemented by timber frame house manufacture and construction field.

Since 2001 we have produced and built more then 300, mostly different architecture and design, houses. Our erected houses stand in Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Lithuania.

Special attention is paid to quality of the production and the work that has been performed, also to customer’s convenience. We gained the trust of our customers by professional employees in our company, also by high quality of products and services. We hope to continue to maintain good reputations and promote the company by our work. We have an experience, recommendations and we are ready to cooperate by helping you to create durable and health concept: ecological, environmental and low-energy house!

Such our philosophy forced us to start other subsidiaries, so finally we are involved:

 - Low-energy foundation building;

 - Manufacturing and construction of wooden houses;

 - Manufacture of solid wood furniture, stairs and joinery products;

 - Import and trading ecological, low energy building materials;

Our main advantage is the flexibility in implementing the wishes and individual wishes of our customers. We are entrusted with the design of the house from the beginning to the end: it starts with the design of the house and ends with the delivery of keys from new houses to their hosts.

Your job is to create a vision of your dream home, and our duty is to help with this vision and turn that into reality.